Vegetarian Sheepskin Rugs

Add some luxury to your home with this pure wool Hebridean rug. These rugs are sometimes known as Vegetarian Sheepskin Rugs, as they use the fleeces which are clipped away from the sheep to ensure the sheep's welfare and comfort. No life is lost with these "sheepskins", the back of the rug is felted with pure wool.

This exquisite Vegetarian Sheepskin Rug measures 1 metre long by 75 cm wide at the middle. It has a range of stunning natural colours from black, greys, beige and browns.

This rug will definitely add warmth and comfort to your home, it was HandCrofted on our Scottish Highland Croft using traditionally hand sheared Herbridean sheep's fleece.

£120 including postage within the UK

To buy this magnificent fleece please use the Contact Form, email Sarah on or call 07950 000904.