The Darach Croft Team


Sarah asher

Sarah is an expert in all things wool - hand shearing, carding, spinning and felting. She takes inspiration for her artisan craft products from nature and the natural resources around the croft.
Sarah is Darach Croft’s resident Shepherdess.


Charlie Parker

Charlie ‘Chops’ Parker is a Great Dane crossed with a Bull Mastiff. He was small once. He isn’t anymore.

Charlie is very good at digging.


The Yug

The Yug (or Shugg’s Yug) is Darach Croft’s 6-wheeled egg delivery machine and cross country hay bale transporter.


Hugh asher

Hugh likes to build things and is very interested in upcycling. His goal is improve the quality of grazing across the croft and expand the crofting activities to include therapeutic support.
Hugh is also responsible for looking after the bees on Darach Croft.



Minnie believes that she is a princess and should be treated accordingly.

She can run faster than anyone else on the croft.