Upcycling the Sheep Trailer

The ethos at Darach Croft is to reduce waste and to recycle and upcycle wherever possible.

Sheep Trailer Mark One

Sheep Trailer Mark One

When we first got sheep, we needed a sheep trailer and picked up a lovely little 8x4 footer that I suspect had already been rebuilt once.

Several people said “Nice trailer, mind it doesn’t get nicked!” (we were living a higher crime area than Ardnamurcan at the time) so we spray painted sheep on the sides. Unfortunately, time took its toll and the trailer became too rotten and unsafe to use. It was consigned to the ‘someday I’ll fix it’ pile.

I was determined though, that it would not become one of those farmyard items that accumulates in a corner, just awaiting a time that someone actually gets round to fixing it and becomes a pile of rusting metal and rotten wood. However, when I stripped off everything that was rotten all I was left with was the tailgate, the chassis and the frame. And the chassis was in need of some attention too.

Undeterred I welded up the chassis, applied a generous coat of Hammerite to the chassis and frame and replaced the rotten floor with a new wood, fashioned from 12mm treated decking planks. So far so good. But it needed new sides and a new front.

Sheep Trailer Mark Two

Sheep Trailer Mark Two

When we moved into the croft, there was an old up-an-over garage door leaning up against the side of the garage. A quick calculation and I worked out that there was just enough door to cut up and turn into four side panels and a front panel.

A bit more Hammerite, and hey presto, Sheep Trailer Mark Two. A certainly a more sturdy version that was going to withstand the test of time much better.

Alas, some people were disappointed that Mark Two lacked some quirkiness that Mark One had displayed. “Well it won’t turn heads at the Sunart Agricultural Show like the last one did” I was told. So, I relented, and Sheep Trailer 2.1 was born.