Darach Croft lamb grows slowly, like the oak tree, and so is tender and full of flavour.

We sell lamb products seasonally through the year and can supply individuals, restaurants and specialist butchers. Our lamb comes from our rare breed sheep, mainly Jacob and Herdwick.

We stock various cuts of lamb and hogget, as well as lamb burgers and lamb sausages.

Hogget is meat from a young sheep over 12 months old. We find this the best age, as the extra time for the sheep to mature adds to the flavour and the size.

Currently in stock

CUT                     COST PER KG          AVERAGE PRICE PER PACK

Lamb Burgers £5.50 for 4 Burgers
Hogget Sausages £4 for 8 Sausages
Shoulder of Hogget £10/kg £22 to £28
Leg of Hogget £12.75 £30 to £38
1/2 Leg of Hogget £12.75 £13 - £23
Hogget Shanks £7.00 £5 for two

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