Our beef comes from our own Shetland and Highland cows who are raised on the croft and the surrounding common grazings.

The beef is hung for 28 days before being professionally butchered and vacuum packed.

We sell beef products seasonally through the year and can supply individuals, restaurants and specialist butchers.

The carbon footprint of our beef is very low. This is because the animals are born and raised locally and do not travel far. The meat is butchered locally and so the distance travelled by road is reduced to a minimum.

We are currently selling Highland beef. This can be collected from the croft, or hand delivered locally. If you would like it shipped to you by courier please ask for a quote.

Cut                    Cost Per Kg              Average Price Per Pack

Popeseye Steak             £17                                         £10 for 2 steaks
Ribeye Steak                £28                                         £17 for 2 steaks
Sirloin Steak                £28                                         £16 for 2 steaks
Fillet Steak                   £36                                         £17 for 2 steaks

Diced Beef                   £10.50/kg                              £5.50 for approx. 500 grams
Premium Minced         £10/kg                                   £5 for 500 grams
Flank Mince                 £8/kg                                     £3.50 for approx. 400 grams

Brisket                          £11.50/kg                              £14
Braising Steak               £14/kg                                   £8 for 2 steaks
Topside                        £14/kg                                   £20 - £24
Silverside                      £14/kg                                   £18 - £22
Salmon Cut                  £15/kg                                   £13.50

Link Sausages                                                               £4 for 8 sausages
Lorne Sausages                                                             £3 for 4
Burgers                                                                         £6 for 4


Please use the contact form or telephone on 01967 402174 to let us know your requirements.

We can accept Debit and Credit cards.