Our Animal Husbandry Ethos

At Darach Croft we believe that the animals should be able to free range as far as possible and should be able to eat the naturally occurring fodder such as grasses, heather and other plants.

The sheep and cows we keep are from hardy breeds, used to living out on the hills all year. They are all allowed to lamb and calve outside in the open, although we keep a watchful eye on them, and are ready to help out or bring them in if needed. We are not often needed!

We only use antibiotics when needed, and never give them to animals unnecessarily.

Luke, our pedigree Herdwick tup

Luke, our pedigree Herdwick tup

The Sheep

Darach Croft is the home of the ‘Highlander’ flock of pedigree Jacob Sheep. We also have a number of Herdwicks and cross breeds.
We are striving to breed our perfect sheep, which will be hardy enough for the Highland climate, but with a good fleece for spinning and felting.

Bourbon and Sienna

Bourbon and Sienna

The Cows

Currently we have two Shetland cows, called Bourbon and Sienna, and a Highland cow called Bracken.

They spend most of their time on the common grazing getting up to mischief.


The Chickens

Our 28 chickens are kept for egg laying. We have a variety of rare breed chickens and some hybrid laying hens.
Eggs are available for sale locally. For more information visit the produce page.


The Bees

We now have our first colony of bees, so look out for honey and other bee related products later in the summer.

Click here to get more acquainted with the bees.


The Pigs

We now have three little piglets! They are Saddleback-Tamworth crossbreeds.

Watch this space for more news!