“I’m building relationships with some great small producers, such as Darach Croft on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula, where the animals roam free and eat wild flowers, heather and fresh grass from the land”

Chef David Hetherington from The Bridge of Orchy Hotel in ‘Scotland Food and Drink’
Argyll chef to serve up the very best of local Highland larder

“Darach Croft wants to bring people with disabilities closer to nature”

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‘Darach’ means Oak in Gaelic so
‘Darach Croft’ means ‘Oak Croft’


Darach Croft is located just above Strontian on the shores of Loch Sunart, in the Highlands of Scotland. The croft is on the edge of the Ariundle Oakwoods, a part of the ancient Sunart Oakwoods. It is named Darach Croft as there are several mature oak trees on the croft.

We are a working croft and are home to the ‘Highlander’ flock of pedigree Jacob sheep, a flock of Herdwick sheep, a flock of Icelandic sheep, some Highland and Shetland cattle, some piglets and quite a lot of hens.

The ethos at Darach Croft is to allow animals to free range as far as possible, allowing them to eat the fresh grass, heather and wild flowers that grow on the land.

We are currently in the process of establishing the croft as a ‘Social Croft’ to provide social support, promote wellbeing, and improve psychological and emotional functioning for people with mental health issues, learning disabilities and autism.

Our Croft produce is available year round from the produce stand at the entrance to the croft and from the croft itself. Croft produce can be hand delivered within the local area.

The Darach Croft website is also home to ‘Hand Crofted’, showcasing some of the artisan craft items produced locally in Strontian.


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Croft Produce

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Darach Croft Craft Produce bears the the Scottish Crofting Produce Mark.
This identifies products produced by a croft or similar small agri-business that is located in Highlands or the Islands of Scotland. Only those businesses that qualify and are members of the Scottish Crofting Federation may place the mark on their products.